Idle Muse Box Office 2013

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Idle Muse Box Office 2013

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Idle Muse Box Office 2013


At Collaboraction 
(Flat Iron Arts Building) 
1579 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622

Give the dead their due!
The war is over, but the dead go unburied.  Who's using who - and for what purpose - when the grieving wives of mothers of Argos petition Theseus, newly-crowned King of Athens, to intervene on their behalf?  Chicago playwright Jennifer L. Mickelson explores the human cost associated with the rituals of war in a sharp new adaptation inspired by the rebel Greek dramatist Euripides' original text, The Suppliant Women. 

Tickets are available now for Rites and Sacrifices!
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Tickets can be purchased by phone through the Idle Muse Box Office by calling (773) 340-9438 
or online by clicking the online tickets button below.
Idle Muse Theatre Company Partners with Arts People for secure online ticket sales.

Adults: $20 - Students $15 - Seniors $15 - Industry $10 (Thursday's ONLY!)
*Preview Performances on the 1st Thursday and 1st Friday, all Preview tickets $10

Thursday, Friday & Saturday at 8PM, Sunday Matinee at 3PM

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Rites and Sacrifices is presented at Collaboration/Flat Iron Arts Building

1579 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
Via the El, Collaboration/Flat Iron Arts Building is just a fews steps Northeast from the Damen-O'Hare Blue Line station
Please click the map below for directions. 

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